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Can You Lose Weight From Yoga?

How is it possible to keep the mind and body healthy? Many of us often try to find the answer to this question. Well, there are several ways to keep your mind and body healthy and strong. Among the existing ones, yoga is considered as the most effective way to help individuals build strength, flexibility, and coordination while calming your mind. In other words, practicing yoga can help control mind, body, and soul. 

Now the question is, can you lose weight from yoga? Well, here is good news for fitness enthusiasts. As per studies, yoga helps people lose weight, and therefore, it is a great way to stay healthy and fit. Primarily, the active forms of yoga work more effectively when it comes to losing weight. To know how yoga helps people stay competent and calm, please keep on reading now. 

Mindfulness & Yoga – How Are They Related?

Practicing yoga is one of the best options for keeping healthy mind and healthy body. Through this useful tool, the individual will be able to develop mindfulness. It is proven that yoga increases the awareness of people on several levels. 

When you start practicing yoga, you will be more conscious of how various foods affect your body, mind, and soul. Thus you will understand which foods are good for your health. According to research, people who developed mindfulness through practicing yoga have more ability to resist junk and unhealthy food. 

It actually helps them take control of their mind, and thus they can avoid unhealthy food. The result is that they have become successful in shedding pounds. From getting the best benefits from a workout to having full control over mind and thus not being tempted by unhealthy food – this is how yoga can support weight loss. 

As per the latest studies, mindfulness training helps people say no to binge eating. So, this is how, when you develop mindfulness through this tool, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight.

Practice Yoga for Better Sleep

Can you lose weight from yoga – hopefully, you have found the correct answer to this question. Now, let’s see how it helps people sleep better. 

Studies have shown the fact that people who practice yoga consistently can fall asleep more quickly, and they sleep more deeply. 

Quality sleep is related to weight loss. Researchers have found that people who restricted sleep six times every week lost less fat than those who followed their regular sleeping patterns. People who belong to these two groups were limiting the calories they consumed. This has proven the fact that sleep loss has a negative effect on body consumption, like, fat loss. 

Yoga Nidra is an effective form of relaxation that you can do while lying down. This practice is beneficial, especially for the individual, who is an insomniac. They will be able to sleep more deeply and more easily once they practice it.According to the latest studies, healthcare professionals who did yoga Nidra for two months became able to sleep better. Their level of mindfulness also increased. And, as it is already mentioned, mindfulness is related to weight loss indirectly. 

Can Yoga Help Burn Calories?

Although yoga is not considered an aerobic exercise, there are some specific types of yoga that involve much physical activity than others. 

Active and intense levels of yoga can actually help you burn unwanted calories. This often helps people prevent weight gain. If you still wonder, can you lose weight from yoga– here is the answer!! Yes, it is a great way to maintain a healthy weight. 

Vinyasa, ashtanga, and power yoga are some of the examples of intense types. Power and vinyasa are usually offered at hot yoga studios. These specific types keep you moving constantly, and thus they can help you burn your extra calories. Through this practice, you will also be able to develop your muscle tone and also to improve your metabolism. 

While restorative yoga does not involve intense workout, it can still help lose weight. One study showed that it was effective for overweight women as it helped them lose weight, even their abdominal fat. 

According to experts, yoga has a wide range of health benefits since it helps people with weight loss and behavioral change by burning extra calories, reducing stress, and heightening mindfulness. 

How Often Should You Practice Yoga?

People who want to lose weight or stay fit can practice yoga as often as possible. You can practice the intense ones at least three times every week for an hour. It is better to consult professionals who have profound knowledge and years of experience. 

The individual can combine yoga practice with certain activities, like, cycling, swimming, and walking for the best health benefits, including cardiovascular benefits.

Poses You Can Do at Home

Boat Pose 

This pose can engage the whole body, and it helps people reduce stress. 

  1. Sit on the mat while keeping your legs together and extend them in front of you. 
  2. Now it’s time for bending the knees and lifting the feet off the mat.
  3. Extend both your arms until they are parallel to the mat or floor 
  4. Strengthen both legs while keeping the torso lifted 
  5. Hold it at least for 30 seconds. 
  6. Repeat this five times 

Sun Salutations

You may do at least five sun salutations to get the best benefits. 

  1. While standing, inhale and lift your arms overhead 
  2. Exhale when you go forward into the swan pose 
  3. Jump and walk 
  4. Lower your body 
  5. Extend your legs and keep your hands under the shoulders 
  6. Inhale when you are at the cobra pose 
  7. Exhale and stand 

Apart from the mentioned, there are several other poses. Choose the right ones for the best possible result. It would be best if you consult experienced yoga instructors who have wide knowledge about this. From selecting the right types to learning proper poses, they can help individuals in several ways. It is necessary to practice yoga regularly, especially when it comes to losing weight. So, just make a commitment and practice it regularly in order to get the best benefits.

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